LIVE Training

Each private session (although it still follows the basic SoftPlan standard training model) is modified interactively while you are in class. We assess your current skill level and then progress to the next phase as quickly as possible, while showing tips, tricks, hotkeys and revising or correcting the things you may be doing incorrectly or out of sequence. This allows you to become proficient, while correcting deficiencies that may hinder the drawing process.

We also address any questions you may have while working through the session, so as to make you more comfortable with the program.

We find this is much more efficient than setting up a "Beginner", "Intermediate", "Advanced", series for individual clients. Although in larger class settings we are forced to follow a curriculum to better address the group needs.

Classes are also available on a specific need, i.e. "Roofs". This class would address all of the steps necessary to create a correct roof. One of the main mistakes made is: If wall heights are incorrect, the roof routine will make "incorrect decisions" and require much more work to correct or to "force" a correct decision. Just let us know where you need to strengthen your skills.




Each student has independent use of a computer during the class.
All classes are conducted at CadWorks facility unless otherwise specified.

Please call for available classes.

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