SoftPlan software and SoftPlan remodel System Requirements

SoftPlan software can be run on any current generation PC which is 100% IBM® compatible and uses the Windows 7, Windows 8 operating system along with an Intel® or equivalent processor. SoftPlan software is not compatible with the Apple® Mac OS®, including when used on a computer with an Intel processor. In addition, configurations such as terminal or server operating systems as well as the Linux and Sun® Solaris™ operating systems are not supported. Some additional technical details:

  • SoftPlan software is both 32-bit and 64-bit application. It can be run on Windows 7 and Windows 8. It will run on XP, but some features are unavailable.
  • SoftPlan software will take advantage of quad core and hyper threading processors to increase the performance of its SoftView 3D module.
  • For SoftPlan software to achieve maximum performance, the video card should have a minimum of 500 MB of memory and must fully support the OpenGL 2.0 and DirectX 10 standards.
  • A minimum of 500 MB of system RAM is required, with 1GB recommended.
  • A DVD drive is required for software installation.
  • A USB port is required for the SoftPlan copy protection device.
  • A 100% Microsoft compatible mouse is required.
  • A minimum of 40 GB of free hard drive space is recommended.
  • A tablet PC can be used but SoftPlan software does not make use of any tablet specific input features.
  • SoftPlan does not endorse any particular vendor or model of computer or accessory.
  • An Internet connection is required.

What type of video card does SoftPlan software require?

To fully take advantage of all of SoftPlan's enhanced SoftView modes (for example, sketched and illustrated modes) a video card capable of supporting a minimum of Open GL 2.0, DirectX version 9.0 and a minimum Shader Model Support Version 3.0 is required; the more memory on the video card, the better. The higher the number of pixel shaders, vertex shaders, or stream processors, depending on the card, the better the performance will be. Note that the video card does not affect the performance of Rendering mode in SoftView, but rather wire frame, visible line, shaded, sketched, illustrated, and textured modes.

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