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Creating a File for Service Plotting

To create a plot-file or print-file from SoftPlan to allow a reprographics or plotting service to print large-format drawings.

If you own Review, you can create a PDF file directly.

This will need to be set to the actual page size that will be printed. i.e. 36"x24" as needed.

For those that do not have Review, you will need Adobe Acrobat or similar program to create the PDF.

From Softplan you would choose the adobe printer in the device selection box.

Choose the document size correctly to match your border size.

When you print it will create a PDF file that can be taken, or e-mailed to the service.

To create print/plot file:

  • Open the drawing you want to use
  • Go to file, print
  • Select the device in the printer option box. (Adobe device)
  • You will get the option to pick a paper size big enough to fit your drawing at the scale you choose. This can be a custom size.
  • Typical sizes are:
    • "C" architectural, 18"x24"
    • "D" architectural, 24"x36"
    • "E" architectural, 36"x48"
  • Select "OK"
  • Send these files to your service provider by e-mail or other means.

See links & resources on our web page for a preferred reprographics supplier near you.

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